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June 24, 2016

You never really think about it this way, but pregnancy and childbirth is pretty much a workout in itself. Actually, motherhood seems to be the most intense workout ever created—especially during the toddler years. As a busy, tired, overworked mother, the last thing you want to think about is a workout. But you could find a workout routine to fit into your life, instead of modeling your life around exercise. You can set your own pace to help shed the baby fat and feel good about your body. It’s important to boost your energy, because momma, you’re going to need it! Feel great, and get your body in shape with healthy habits designed with your new mom lifestyle in mind.


Diet does not necessarily mean eating next to nothing, counting ingredients of everything that comes near your mouth, or the latest fads of diet shakes and frozen meals. Diet means a particular selection or limitation of food. Simply put, what you eat and how much you eat. Transitioning from a pregnancy diet to a diet focused on energy and weight loss can be a bit of a struggle at first. Diets usually fail because they require you to make a drastic change in eating habits and force you to focus on counting calories. Cutting out all your favorite foods and reducing yourself to meals consisting of celery and low-fat cottage cheese are recipes for failure.

A clean-eating diet is a great place to start. Rather than a diet, think of it as a healthy lifestyle change. Not only is it healthy but also very simple and easy to get used to. First, try to limit or completely cut out over-processed foods, soda, and preservatives. Instead, focus on lean meats, fresh produce, and water. Also, try to eat organic foods when possible. Eat several small meals each day to maintain energy. Can you believe it? Eat better by eating more! Pay attention to what you eat and how much. Don’t feel like you can’t eat the foods you love; just choose a smaller portion and eat them less often.You can have a “cheat day” occasionally. Plan it out; if you know you have a family cookout or a lunch date with a friend coming up, make that your cheat day! You can even increase your workout that day to offset the caloric intake.


No one expects you to become a professional body-build after childbirth, so don’t pressure yourself! Finding the perfect workout routine to fit your needs and lifestyle can take some time, but once you find the winning combination, the rest is easy. Working out will help to shed the baby weight faster, keep your body healthy, and increase your energy. Plus, you can use working out as an excuse to get some much needed “me time.” New moms everywhere are going crazy for the BBG workout. The Bikini Body Training Guide starts as a 12-week regimen, but can be extended. Starting out with small challenges, the program gradually increases to allow your body to adjust and prevents disappointing plateaus. The program also includes a nutrition guide and meal plans to make your journey to a healthy lifestyle even easier!



If you have ever used supplements before or even if you’ve only researched them, you probably know about BCAA use and the benefits that come with it. BCAA stands for branched chain amino acids, which refers to three amino acids, leucine, isoleucine, and valine. Research shows that this unique combination increases muscle retention and maximizes fat loss. This means you will see the results of your workout and dieting efforts better than without using BCAA supplements. We all love to see the progress quickly!

Fit Fam Supplements takes healthy living seriously. That’s why we have high standards when it comes to our BCAA formula. We created our BCCA Deluxe Muscle Recovery supplements with a 2:1:1 mix for maximum results. We have found this to be the best at targeting fat loss and increasing energy—perfect for new moms trying to shed the baby weight while still having enough energy for motherhood. This is also vital for muscle soreness and recovery, so you will not get discouraged by hurting from a good workout.

As all mothers know, getting back to normal, mentally and physically, after pregnancy takes work. Diet alone does not get the job done. Neither does exercise only. However, the right combination of diet and exercise, combined with nutritional supplements, can make the process easier and more productive. This proven mixture will assist with baby-weight loss, body recovery, muscle soreness, and lack of energy.

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